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This is your survival guide to eating healthy while traveling on business. Don’t leave for your next business trip without it!

★★★★★ Keeps me healthy on the go!

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What people think of Travel Healthy

The tools in this book have re-energized my commitment to myself to eat well on the road.


A real guidebook to thinking about food…oops…nouri.  see more


Finally a health book for the road warrior. Practical, informative, and helpful!


I was one of the entrusted reviewers of this book as it was in development.  Read it – loved it.  This is a great encapsulation of much wisdom.  see more




Business travel is challenging enough with stress, work commitments, delays and time scarcity. Eating well is usually sacrificed under these circumstances. This book will help you make healthy food choices and find nouri while traveling. What is nouri? It’s a new way to think about what to eat. Once you change the word—from food to nouri—you will forever change your perspective on what it means to eat healthy. The book is designed for busy business travelers and those who prefer to read short books that get to the point quickly. There are a series of tips and tools that are easy to use that will inspire you to think about food differently. While designed for business travelers, this book is for anyone struggling with or interested in eating healthy (especially when making your own meals is not a practical option). Are you:

  • Confused about what is considered healthy or unhealthy to eat?
  • Eating “healthy” but still having health issues?
  • Feeling hopeless about eating healthy while traveling for business?
  • Looking for an easy and practical guide to eating for optimum health and wellness?
  • Interested in a practical guidebook for your traveling employees?

If you answered yes to any of these questions this book is for you.

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NL Headshot1-Feb 2009 NATASHA LEGER is an international trade attorney turned  global strategy consultant to start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. She is Founder and President of ITF Advisors, a strategy advisory firm, and Co-founder and Editor of LBx Journal, a location intelligence magazine. Natasha lives in Denver, Colorado where she is mastering her nouri lifestyle and organic gardening skills. Natasha is passionate about living a healthy, happy life while being a road warrior.





★★★★★ Olaf Groth, Professor at HULT International Business School and Founder of Emergent Frontiers Group This book is far from being another food-fad bible.  It’s a practical, fact-based, and empathetic guide, written by an experienced business traveler for her traveling colleagues.  It is written for the down-to-earth do’er, the person who wants to be smart and live longer, but has a real-world job to do; someone who can’t afford to go off the grid, grow their own kale and raise their own chickens. In unpretentious no-frills ways, the author shows us that it doesn’t take that much effort to eat well, feel well and do well when we travel.  To do that, the book gives us a cheat sheet that keeps us from being stupid as we find ourselves confronted by a deck that is stacked against us – industrialized food choices in a speed-and-efficiency focused travel world.  It also gives us a language system that is easy, plain and fact-based – no marketing jargon here.  And, most importantly, the book gives us useful tips on how to train our brains to make good choices:  What do you need to ask yourself when you’re starving as you step off the plane?  How can you get quick but healthy comfort for your late-night appetite as you settle into your hotel room?  When and how do I engage in nutritional compromise?  It’s so simple that it’s almost trivial: In business, we are trained to put quality resources into our businesses to get quality products out – why would be do anything different with our bodies?  I, for one, am glad that I’ll have this on my tablet when I board the next flight. see more reviews